Things to do in Slovenia

Find out what are the 5 best things to do in Slovenia — from the picturesque Alps to the warm Mediterranean.
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Do you want to visit Slovenia but aren’t sure how to spend your time here? Did you know that Slovenia sports both a rich culture and a multitude of diverse landscapes? You can do almost anything here!

As a country wedged between the Alps, the Adriatic sea, Pannonian plains, and the Dinaric karst, Slovenia offers everyone countless different things to do. Every region gives you unique opportunities to enjoy your tour in Slovenia here to the fullest.

Read on below and explore the variety of things to do in Slovenia!

Do some sightseeing

Slovenia is located at the crossroads of Europe, where the East meets West and both meet South. Throughout its rich history dating back at least 60.000 years, it has been under the rule of different empires, kingdoms and states until it became an independent country in 1990. That makes Slovenia incredibly culturally diverse, with many historical and modern sights waiting to be discovered when visiting here.

We are talking about numerous castles, churches, museums and galleries. You can take a walk through the narrow streets of Old Towns in Ljubljana or Ptuj, or visit one of 100 festivals taking place here every year. These and many more places to visit in Slovenia are waiting for you here.

Celje castle Easy  scaled
Celje Castle

Hike in beautiful nature

Slovenia is well-known for its natural beauty and its green character. Its incredible geographical diversity is hardly matched by any other country in Europe, and the best way to discover it up close is on foot. Slovenia has more than 10,000 km of hiking trails, allowing unlimited adventures for every hiker.

Everyone can find a trail for themselves in Slovenia, breathe the fresh air and explore the rolling hills, majestic mountains and scenic valleys. Discover the many attractions like waterfalls, gorges and springs hidden in the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park. And if you are extra adventurous, set your foot into the mountain world of the Julian Alps or even climb Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia.


Enjoy our pristine lakes and rivers

Even though we’re not Finland with its thousand lakes, water is everpresent in Slovenia. With picturesque lakes and crystal-clear rivers always a walk away from anywhere you are, Slovenia is a paradise for fans of water activities.

The rivers in Slovenia are excellent for different sports like white water rafting, kayaking, and even canyoning. The top spot for this is the Soča River, which is also a popular destination for other outdoor activities. If you want a more relaxing time in the water, go for a swim or try SUP in Alpine lakes like Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled, or take a trip down the coast and jump into the warm water of the Adriatic sea.

Izola with mountains in the background
Izola with mountains in the background

Taste the local food & wine

The influences of various cultures present in Slovenia’s history moulded it into a diverse gastronomic destination. Local dishes made with local produce from the different regions in which they evolved can delight both a foodie and someone who just likes to have a good meal. From the meaty Carniola Sausage, the sour but delicious sauerkraut, to the sweet walnut Potica, the journey through our cuisine sure is tasty.

And nothing fits better with good food than good wine. Slovenians have not forgotten about that, building a rich winemaking tradition. Because of the differences in climate, soil, and cellaring methods, each of the three wine-growing regions has a different selection of wines, that you can taste on a wine tour.

kremsnita cake at lake bled
Kremsnita cake at Lake Bled

Try out other activities in Slovenia

Although I presented you with some of the most popular (and for a good reason) options for what to do in Slovenia, I haven’t even scratched the surface. The diversity of the country allows us to try many other activities. 

The well-maintained roads and trails are heaven for biking enthusiasts, you can become a cave explorer of the many underground Karst caves, or go bear watching in the forests of the south. And in winter, snow turns Slovenia into a fairytale, opening up new possibilities for activities such as alpine skiing, sledging, and cross country skiing.

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