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Discover the best of Slovenia on our diverse multi-day guided tours.
Ljubljana with the castle scaled 1
Vintgar Gorge boardwalk
Soca River scaled 1
Bled Lake Easy  scaled 1
Emerald Soca River
Jasna Lake
From: 2,450€/person
12 nights/13 days
Discover all of the country’s best attractions, cultural destinations, and hidden gems, on this grand thirteen-day Slovenian holiday in the Heart of Europe.
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Ljubljanica River
Piran Easy  scaled 1
Lake Bled
Skocjan Caves Easy  scaled 1
Soca Easy  scaled 1
From: 1,550€/person
7 nights/8 days
Discover one of the most diverse areas of Slovenia and see everything from the Adriatic to the alpine valleys on this ultimate 8-day tour of Western Slovenia.
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Relaxing at Vrsic Pass
Emerald Soca River
Lake Bohinj in spring 1 scaled 1
Ljubljanica River
Velika Planina scaled 1
From: 1,640€/person
7 nights/8 days
Experience the country’s diversity on this unforgettable eight-day hike & bike Slovenia holiday, where every day is an adventure, and no two days are alike.
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Goriska Brda with vineyards
Lipica horses 1
Ljubljana City Center Easy  scaled 1
Panoramic view of Lake Bled scaled 1
Marina in Piran Easy  scaled 1
From: 1,690€/person
8 nights/9 days
Join the ultimate nine-day Slovenia tour of highlights, that will take you from the dreamy Adriatic coast to the scenic Alpine Valleys and everywhere in between.
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Lake Bohinj in spring 1 scaled 1
Bled Island
Ljubljana in spring
Tartini Square in Piran scaled 1
Lipica horses 1
From: 990€/person
4 nights/5 days
From the pristine alpine lakes to the scenic Adriatic coast, these amazing 5 days in Slovenia will give you a taste of the best this country has to offer.
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Rafting on Soca scaled 1
Canyoning adventure scaled 1
Hiker Bled viewpoint scaled 1
Cows on Velika Planina scaled 1
Cycling around Lake Bled scaled 1
Ljubljana bike tour with Ljubljana Castle scaled 1
From: 1,370€/person
7 nights/8 days
Spend 8 days in Slovenia, full of unforgettable adventures, sightseeing and unique experiences, on this active outdoor tour that has it all.
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About Slovenia Tours

Slovenia is one of the most diverse countries in the entire Europe. From the dreamy Adriatic Coast to the pristine Alpine valleys, every region is like a small country of its own.

That is why at Slovenia Tours, we have prepared specially designed tour packages that let you see the best that this country has to offer and make your visit simply unforgettable.

Known as The Green Heart of Europe, Slovenia is a country that is very proud of its pristine and unspoiled environment. We are proud to say that one of the main priorities of Slovenia Tours is a sustainable approach to tourism that will let you authentically experience this country and at the same time preserve it for future generations.

Our goal is to help you make every wish and item on your bucket list come true. By working with the best local suppliers in the country, we have created a network of unique holiday options for tours to Slovenia, covering the broadest range of possibilities at the most affordable prices.

All of our tours in Slovenia are hosted by experienced local guides who are very passionate about their work and know Slovenia inside out. They will make sure your days run smoothly, help you tailor the trips to your wants and needs, and always show you the best locations and hidden gems that only the locals know about.

Instead of big and rigid tourist groups that overcrowd every location where they arrive, our tours of Slovenia consist of smaller groups for a more personalised experience.

Although every Slovenia Tour package is filled with amazing activities and the best places to visit in Slovenia, you will still have plenty of free time to explore and discover the country at your own pace.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of the region cherry-picked only the best excursions in Slovenia.

Professional Guides and Tour Leaders

Experienced and passionate local guides will make your tour run smoothly, going that extra mile for you.

100% Made in Slovenia

Based in Slovenia, we are working closely with local suppliers to provide you with a unique experience at the best possible price.

Trusted by Many

We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.

Things to know

It’s simple. All you have to do is write to us. If you want to travel solo, we will arrange the trip, so that it’s just for you. If you are looking for a company – let us know. We will try to find the right travel buddies for you!

On our tours, we want to adjust for your needs as much as possible. That’s why we use a few different accommodations with the same quality. The place of your stay depends on your preferences, budget and hotels’s availability, especially if we travel during peak season. But don’t worry about it! We will inform you in advance of all the details.

We provide transportation between all the locations listed in the tour offer. You can also add a ride to and from the airport for an additional fee – all you have to do is let us know in advance.

Everyone has different preferences, that is why we have decided to give you a free hand in choosing restaurants, this way everyone can eat what they want. We can recommend some places to you, and if you would like to eat at a particular restaurant, we can make a reservation for you – just let us know. The guide will also be happy to tell you where food is delicious. One thing is for sure – you will not go hungry!

A lot depends on how severe your restrictions are. Vegetarian meals are readily available in most restaurants. Vegan and gluten-free meals are harder to find, especially in suburbs, smaller towns, and villages. There probably won’t be dishes listed on the menu for more specific diets. However, you can always call the restaurant in advance or ask on the spot about not including harmful ingredients in your dish.

Slovenia is beautiful every time of the year, but you need to dress differently for each season, so check the weather forecast for your week of holiday before departing. In Slovenia, your guide will inform you every evening about the expected weather for the next day. But remember, weather in the Alps region can change from summer to winter in one day, so we recommend you take extra layers of clothing with you, including a waterproof jacket.

Our company respects the wishes of all kinds of travellers, so we definitely understand if you want to spend time on your own. As long as it doesn’t overlap with the group schedule, you can customize your trip in any way and spend some time on your own. Our priority isn’t rigidly following the itinerary but allowing every guest to feel comfortable and enjoy every aspect of their tour in Slovenia.

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Join us on our multi-day guided tours to Slovenia and discover both its top attractions and hidden gems. From the leisurely to the more active holidays, our local guides will accompany you on the journey through the best of Slovenia.
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